Cedar Lake 




Cedar Lake Bakers is a business that grew from my desire to be a stay-at-home mom, and the need for developing healthful (and sometimes decadent), organic baked goods for my family and friends.

Cedar Lake, Wisconsin is a real place where I spent many happy, peaceful, and fun summers among family. My grandmother took so much pleasure in cooking for us and serving the most wonderful food. I remember how safe, loved, and nurtured she made me feel and is something I would like to share with others.

As I grew, I became more educated about animals, farming, and the environment, and I decided to become a vegetarian at age 12. I learned that what we cook with, and what we eat, not only affects our health but it affects the health of others and our planet. This is one reason why I use vegan and organic food and other organic and cruelty-free products whenever available.  

Cedar Lake Bakers is a small artisanal operation that uses quality vegan and organic ingredients. Each small batch of cookies is developed, tested, re-tested, packaged, and sold with tender loving care.

We hope you will give our products a try, and we hope you will savor them, enjoy them, and share them with someone you love.